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    The macro car rental 4Heart service

    Peace of mind
    Professional management team、Maintenance team
    The advanced car rental calculation system
    Car rental service
    Rest assured
    All through safety insurance per car
    Vehicle maintenance services
    Accident and emergency plan
    Provide professional pilot generation
    To provideGPSGlobal positioning system (GPS)
    Detailed to make contingency plans for all kinds of accident
    Shu xin
    All vehicles for new purchases
    A car
    Information of the vehicle and all certification is complete and effective

    Chongqing wedding rental company

    Into the macro car rental about us

      Chongqing macro car rental(tel:18723231606 WeChat with number)Is a professional car rental companies in chongqing,Provide chongqing wedding car rental,Chongqing tourism car rental,Chongqing business car rental,Undertake unit bus rental,The meeting car rental,Tourism car rental,Business car rental,The wedding car rental,The airport car rental services,The main service area:Shapingba district,Jiangbei car rental companies,Nanping area,Jiulongpo district of car rental companies, such as urban ninth ward,The high quality service,Preferential prices,Let you100%Satisfied with it。Welcome to inquire!Chongqing best macro automobile service co., LTD,Mainly engaged in chongqing car rental、Chongqing car rental prices、Chongqing wedding car rental, etc...Can meet the social people from all walks of life、Business、Tourism、Wedding, etc,Engaged in car rental business for many years,A sound management system,Now the company has all kinds of vehicles。

      The company mainly for all enterprises and institutions,The individual,Chinese and foreign guests to the service object,Provide various types of comprehensive car rental service,Not only can satisfy the user's business needs,At the same time also can meet the needs of tourism and leisure。Welcome customers to come to discuss the car。Company with“The user is supreme”The principle of,“Attentively service”As the goal,To provide you with comprehensive and efficient service。Do the people-oriented management style,Safety fast and high quality business philosophy,The...


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    • You need to pay attention to which chongqing wedding car rental...
      Getting married is a life-changing event,Everyone wants to have a perfect wedding,Wedding car rental as an important detail of the wedding nature cannot careless,The following to get to know...
    • There will be how to talk about chongqing car rental market...
      Chongqing car rental company is China's leading car rental service provider,Actively learn from successful international car rental mode,Combined with the consumption habit of the Chinese customers,To provide customers with short rent、...
    • How to maintain car in our daily life
      A、Engine surface inspection engine damage the sealing surface and oil seal,Will cause oil leakage。Such as lubricating oil leakage,On the outside of the engine can be observed,If you have found,Should immediately...
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