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Taihe technology,Is committed to environmental protection for more than a decade of research and development and production process of water disposal reagents reform,Made a number of with independent intellectual property rights of water treatment agent and related continuous fine chemicals、Scale、Intelligent manufacturing technology。More than ten automatic production workshop,Multiple series hundreds of varieties required for the production of the industry,In total30More than ten thousand tons,In addition to the meet the needs of the water treatment industry,Also widely used in oil production、Cosmetic、Textile printing and dyeing、Paper making、Electronic cleaning, etc。

The products include:Scale inhibitors、Corrosion inhibitor、Algae fungicidal、Chelating agent、Dispersant、Reverse osmosis agent、Help lotion, etc。

Taihe technology developed environmental friendly polyethylene succinic acidPESA、Poly (aspartic acidPASP、Glutamic acid four sodium diacetateGLDA.Na4Such as green products,Have formed the scale of thousand tons,The company will further on the green products and green manufacturing process increase investment in research and development,To create a nice future humans contribute their strength。 

Our company is a professional water treatment agent,Water treatment agentHEDP,ATMP,PBTCA,DTPMPA,EDTMPS,HPMA,1227Fungicide products such as production capacity level,One of themHEDPAnnual output6Ten thousand tons,PBTCAAnnual output4Ten thousand tons,ATMPAnnual output3Ten thousand tons。Our main products areHEDPEDTMPSPBTCAEDTMPSHPMAAA/AMPS1227FungicideATMPdtpmpRetarder

Flame retardantstcepTriphenyl phosphate

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